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Crush Fight


When you start the application [Crush Fight], to display the Title-screen.

Touch [START], to display the Game-screen and the game will start.

Touch [OPTION], to display the Option-screen and setting how to play.

TITLE SCREENTitle-screen

GAME SCREENGame-screen

OPTION SCREENOption-screen

If you wait operation on the Title-screen, to display the prologue ( Scroll up from the bottom of the screen ).

TITLE SCREEN(prologue)

When prologue scroll is finished ( or touch the screen ), return to the Title-screen.

How to play ( Game-screen )

【 Operation button 】

GAME SCREEN (controller)

  • ① Move the your robot ( eight directions ).
  • ② Pause the game.
  • ③ Attack with the fist ( punch attack ).
  • ④ Move quickly to the left and right ( accelerated movement ).
  • ⑤ Fire the twin laser.
  • ⑥ Fire the electromagnetic ball.
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【 Parameter 】

GAME SCREEN (parameter)

  • ① The name of the your robot.
  • ② The durability of the your robot. It decrease when hit an enemy's attack, and recover when take the items.
  • ③ The reload display of the twin laser ( can't be fire during the display ). It show when firing the twin laser, and hide when a few seconds passed.
  • ④ The reload display of the electromagnetic ball ( can't be fire during the display ). It show when firing the electromagnetic ball, and hide when a few seconds passed.
  • ⑤ The name of the enemy's robot.
  • ⑥ The durability of the enemy's robot. It decrease when hit your attack ( fist and laser ), and can destroy when it is zero.
  • ⑦ The information of the enemy's robot.

【 Weapon 】
[ Fist ]

The fist is short range attack. If you push the button repeatedly and hit the attack continually, the attack becomes powerful ( Level 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 4 ).

Fist Level 1① Fist ( Level 1 )

Fist Level 2② Fist ( Level 2 )

Fist Level 3③ Fist ( Level 3 )

Fist Level 4④ Fist ( Level 4 )

[ Twin Laser ]

The twin laser is long range attack. The enemies hitted, will blow off backwards.

Firing twin laser.① Firing twin laser.

Hit !② Hit !

[ Electromagnetic Ball ]

The electromagnetic ball is medium and long range attack. The enemies hitted, will stop during a few seconds.

Firing electromagnetic ball.① Firing electromagnetic ball.

Hit !② Hit !

【 Item 】

Sometimes to appear Items during the game. It may be dropped by the enemies or appear in specific places.


  • Recover the durability of the your robot. There are two kinds, large and small size. The larger the size, the greater the recovery.

【 Pause 】

To pause the game and display the pause-screen when touch [P].

GAME SCREEN (PAUSE)pause-screen

Close the pause-screen and resumption the game when touch [Return].

To display the escape-screen when touch [Escape].

GAME SCREEN (ESCAPE)escape-screen

End the game and return to the Title-screen when touch [Yes].

Return to the pause-screen when touch [No].

【 Continue 】

When durability of the your robot become zero, display the Continue-screen.


To resume from the beginning of the stage when touch [Continue]. However, in certain places, you start from the just previous location.

End the game and return to the Title-screen when touch [Give up].

Setting ( Option-screen )


【 Game Level 】

A difficulty of the game.


【 Start Stage 】

A first stage of the game.

【 Music and Sound Effect 】

The music ( and sound effects ) of the game do not sound when select [Nothing].

【 Game Controller 】
[ Size ]

Change the size of the input operation ( control key and the buttons ).

[ Layout ]

Change the layout of the input operation ( the buttons of right side ).

Return to the Title-screen when touch [Return].

Playable device

This game can to play iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad.

GAME SCREEN(iPhone)iPhone XS

GAME SCREEN(iPodTouch)iPod Touch

GAME SCREEN(iPad Pro (9.7-inch)iPad Pro (9.7-inch)

Privacy Policy

Through this application software, the production persons don't acquire the user's personal information.


Thank you very much for reading so far.

This game is also a lot of fun.

Good luck !





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