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Limit Shoot

Overview ( Title-screen )

When you start the application [Limit Shoot], to display the Title-screen.

Touch [START], to display the Game-screen and the game will start.

Touch [OPTION], to display the Option-screen and setting how to play.

TITLE SCREENTitle-screen

GAME SCREENGame-screen

OPTION SCREENOption-screen

If you wait operation on the Title-screen, to display a prologue ( Scroll up from the bottom of the screen ).

TITLE SCREEN(prologue)

When prologue scroll is finished ( or touch the screen ), return to the Title-screen.

How to play ( Game-screen )

When the game starts, the airplane of the pilot will start from the mother-ship, and afterward, will be displayed operation button.


【 Operation button 】

GAME SCREEN (controller)

  • ① Move the airplane ( eight directions ).
  • ② Fires the laser.
  • ③ Fires the missile.
  • ④ Startup / stop the shield.
  • ⑤ Pause the game.

【 Parameter 】

GAME SCREEN (parameter)

  • ① A durability of the airplane. It decrease when hitting an enemy's attack, and recover when take the items.
  • ② A number of usable missiles. It decrease when fire the missile, and increase when take the items.
  • ③ An energy of the airplane. It decrease when fire the laser or startup the shield. It recover when not use both.
  • ④ A durability of the mother-ship. It decrease when hitting an enemy's attack.
  • ⑤ An energy of the mother-ship. It increase when a situation comes.

【 Weapon ( missile, laser, shield ) 】

The missiles are fire from the left and right, and can fire twice in a row. Also, the hitting enemies are will be out of action for a while.

The laser move at high speed and penetrate the enemies. Also, it move in the direction the airplane has moved.

The shield protect 100% on the damage of the enemy bullets hit. Also, it greatly reduce on the damage of the enemies and explosions hit.




【 Item 】

Sometimes to appear Items during the game.


  • Maximize the number of usable missiles. It is to appear when the number of usable missile is 0, or arrival a specific place.
  • Fully recover the durability of the airplane. It appear when arrival a specific place.

【 Pause 】

Touch [P], to pause the game, and to show the pause-screen.

GAME SCREEN (PAUSE)pause-screen

Touch [Return], to cancel pause, and to close the pause-screen.

Touch [Escape], to show the escape-screen.

GAME SCREEN (ESCAPE)escape-screen

Touch [Yes], to end the game, and to return the Title-screen.

Touch [No], to return the pause-screen.

【 Continue 】

When durability of the airplane or the mother-ship become lose(zero), display the Continue-screen.

GAME SCREEN (GAME OVER)Continue-screen

Touch [Continue], to resume from the beginning of the stage.
When a specific place, to resume from a just before place.

Touch [Give up], to end the game, and to return the Title-screen.

Setting ( Option-screen )


【 Game Level 】

A difficulty of the game.


【 Start Stage 】

A first stage of the game.( The number of stages is 5. )

When you clear the four stage( 1, 2, 3, 4 ), go to stage 5.

When select 3: 3 -> 4 -> 1 -> 2 -> 5

【 Auto Shield 】

Select [ON], when the airplane to damage during the shield stop, to startup the shield and reduce damage instead decrease the energy.

【 Music & SE 】

Select [OFF], a music ( and sound effects ) of the game do not sound.

【 Key & Trigger 】
[ Size ]

Change the size of the input operation ( control key and the buttons ).

[ Layout ]

Replace operation button of M and L ( the laser and the missile ).


Touch [EXIT], to return the Title-screen.

Landscape mode

In the Title-screen or the Option-screen when the device orientation change to landscape ( left or right ), the screen is change to landscape mode.

TITLE SCREENTitle-screen

OPTION SCREENOption-screen

Touch [START], the game will start in landscape mode.


Can't change screen mode ( vertical ⇔ horizontal ) during the game.

Playable device

This game can to play iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad.

GAME SCREEN(iPodTouch)iPod Touch

GAME SCREEN(iPhone X)iPhone 11

GAME SCREEN(iPad Pro (9.7-inch)iPad Pro (9.7-inch)

Privacy Policy

Through this application software, the production persons don't acquire the user's personal information.


Thank you very much for reading so far.

This game is a lot of fun very much.

Good luck !

【 Movie 】

【 Screenshot 】




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